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Going Beyond Where You Have Been

Don’t allow what is happening right now make you lose focus of where you need to be. There are horizons to be expanded and new territories to be Conquered. Your blessing is not in your past, there are new levels to be reached!

Apostle Ese Duke declares this year is “Your Year of DIVINE MANIFESTATION: Romans 8:19, Ephesians 3:20 | Read Apostle Ese’s Devotion

Who is Apostle Ese Duke?

As a passionate preacher, prolific author, and man of God, Apostle Ese Duke has dedicated his life to sharing the love and power of Jesus Christ with the world. He is known for:

Dynamic teachings
His clear and insightful sermons, delivered with simplicity and power, have impacted hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Miraculous ministry
Through his Miracle Healing Services, countless individuals have experienced healing, deliverance, and the transformative presence of God.

Global reach
His weekday “Golden Nuggets”, Wednesday “Word Encounter” and Sunday sermons reach across continents, inspiring audiences in Africa, Europe, Asia, and beyond.

Authorial success
Best-selling books like “The Anointing”, “The Mind” and “The Presence of God” offer readers practical tools for experiencing the supernatural in their own lives.

Leadership and mentorship
As president of Ese Duke Spiritual Covering and Ministerial Association, he provides guidance, spiritual and ministerial covering to leaders, ministries, and churches across the globe.

Compassionate heart
His commitment to serving the underprivileged extends through food banks, clothing drives, healthcare initiatives, and educational programs.

Apostle Ese Duke’s story is one of faith, passion, and unwavering dedication to God’s calling. His journey, from a young boy in Nigeria to a globally recognized leader, is a testament to the transformative power of the Holy Spirit.

Persecuted Christians

A Call to Prayer

Christians are no strangers to persecution. In fact, Christians remain one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world. 

Send Your Prayer Requests

It’s not too late to send your prayer requests today, especially your most crucial financial needs. We want to be sure to include your requests in this special time of worldwide prayer!



Are you ready to discover how to receive Him as Lord and Savior?


Do you want to experience a supernatural reality you’ve never experienced? Do you want to move in a dimension of the supernatural you see others move in or you only imagined? Do you want to experience God’s highest dimension in your human existence?

In The Presence of God, author Ese Duke shows you how to engage the supernatural in your humanity and thereby walk and manifest God’s presence wherever you are. This guide takes you to a place of supernatural living beyond your imagination, a reality that God desires all of us to experience, yet only a few have and do.

When you understand how to live out of the presence of God, everything becomes easy. In The Presence of God, you will learn:

• what God’s presence is;
• how to live out of his presence, making the realities of the presence of God become manifested in your everyday life;
• how to manifest God’s presence, even on demand; and
• how to engage the spirit realm and get results.



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