About Apostle Ese Duke

Apostle Ese Duke is known around the world as a man after God’s heart, a dynamic preacher, and teacher of God’s word with an apostolic calling and the author of best-selling books: The Anointing, The Presence of God, Faith, What the Church Leaders never told us, Winning the Battles of Life, and How to change your life forever: Conditioned by the Word.

Apostle Ese Duke has made tremendous impact in the lives of people across the world bringing the message of the good news of God’s Amazing love, grace, healing and prosperity with a mandate from God according to Isaiah 61:1–2a.

“The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me,
because the LORD has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim freedom for the captives
and release from darkness for the prisoners,
to proclaim the year of the LORD’s favor”

Apostle Ese Duke’s weekday Golden Nuggets for supernatural living, Wednesday Word encounter and Supernatural Sunday messages reach hundreds of thousands of people globally including areas of the world that may not otherwise hear about the Gospel.

There is however, much more to the story of the man who has impacted the world for more than 30 years with his ministry that is characterized by the teaching of the awesome revelation of God’s word with simplicity and clarity, the move of God’s power with proofs of healing, miracles, signs, wonders, accurate word of knowledge, manifestations of prophetic declaration and tangible presence of God experienced in services and meetings held by Apostle Ese Duke. It has been reported of people getting healed and delivered by the anointing of the Holy Ghost just by being in the presence of this man of God.


Apostle Ese Duke was born in Nigeria. At the age of 12, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior in Makurdi Nigeria. Two years later (at the age of 14 ), this dynamic man of God sensed the call of God upon his life. He became the student leader/pastor of the student body in High School and continued on to the University of Lagos Nigeria.

Apostle Ese Duke went to Saudi Arabia where he became a member of underground church at which time his faith and intimacy with the Holy Spirit grew tremendously. He then returned to Nigeria from where he relocated to the United States of America in 1994.

In the beginning of 2013, he received a word from the Lord to pioneer a work that would reach all over the word beginning from Allentown. He answered the call and begun a Bible study in his home on June 19, 2013. Within three months the attendance outgrew his home and it became necessary to relocate the Bible study to a bigger space. On September 22, 2013, Apostle Ese Duke began to conduct Sunday morning worship services as the founder and the General Overseer of Spirit Temple Bible Church in Allentown Pennsylvania.

Man of God, Father of Nations, Apostle, Teacher of the Gospel, President, Author,

Apostle Ese Duke has ministered at various international conferences across the continent of Africa, Europe, South America and North America Asia and Middle East. With the help of the Holy Spirit, Apostle Ese Duke has pioneered several Churches globally.

Apostle Ese Duke has reached over hundreds of thousands of people through, face to face conferences, television, audio-video recordings, Miracle Healing Services, internet, and social media. This man of God uncompromisingly teaches God’s word with so much simplicity and clarity bringing forth the good news of the love of God, salvation, prosperity, healing, divine health, deliverances, and that of the new creation reality. The revelation knowledge of this message that God is not mad at humanity has inspired many people to a personal relationship with God and an intimate walk with the person of the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Apostle Ese Duke’s ministry is also involved in feeding the hungry program where a full-service foodbank that sponsors the soup kitchen alongside neighboring organizations has been established. The Ese Duke Ministry also provides clothing, education, free healthcare services to the underprivileged, back to school supplies and Christmas toys for community children, community days of healing, and Christian training around the world.

Dr. Ese Duke is also the Founder and President of Spirit Temple Bible College with Headquarters based in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, USA.

In this college Dr. Ese Duke and others concisely present teachings of the Bible based on sound Bible doctrine. Through this ministry, Bible scholars get a great understanding and insight of God’s word which spurs their hunger for an in-depth study of scriptures. Dr. Ese Duke demonstrates and provides tools on how to apply the word of God and get the results that God desires for His children to get when they work the word.

Apostolic Leader

Apostle Ese Duke is the President of Spiritual Father Apostolic Covering where he provides spiritual and ministerial covering to leaders, ministries and churches across the globe. Apostle Ese Duke also mentors this growing army of Christian leaders. Apostle Ese Duke’s greatest desire is to see everyone move in the power of the Holy Ghost, operate in the supernatural and have an in-depth understanding of the word of God. Just as his life changed forever after having an encounter with the person of the Holy Spirit, Apostle Ese Duke desires this for every child of God. He therefore shares his story in his book “The Anointing” so that others can learn to walk in the same realm of the supernatural. Apostle Ese Duke often says when he leaves this world he wants to have released all the power so that there is so much power of God in the world. He therefore conducts Miracle Healing Services locally in the community and wherever he travels, releasing God’s power on people, healing the sick, casting out devils, opening blind eyes and raising the dead.

Apostle Ese Duke acknowledges that God has clearly shown him that what he has experienced in his ministry must be passed on to younger believers and Christian leaders. He continues a growing commitment to develop a new generation of emergent leaders, anointed, mighty men and women who will occupy and take over territories and spiritual leadership in the church taking over the World for Jesus Christ until He returns.

The expressed peace, joy and the love of God that radiates from this man of God is contagious. He continues to be faithful in a fervent desire to use every available means to populate heaven and depopulate hell by sharing the message of the good news of the love of God around the globe!

Taking the Gospel and Miracle-Working Power of Jesus Christ to the World

Apostle Ese Duke continues to spread the gospel to the ends of the world. He conducts Miracle healing Services around the globe healing the sick and performing miracles as seen in the book of Acts.

Don’t allow what is happening right now make you lose focus of where you need to be. There are horizons to be expanded and new territories to be conquered. Your blessing is not in your past, there are new levels to be reached!


Apostle Ese Duke

Our Mission

Our mission is to release the presence of the Holy Spirit, Demonstrate the power of God and teach the principles of the Word, thereby bringing salvation, healing and prosperity to the lives of people all over the world.